Nail Injuries

What You Need To Know About Puncture Wounds

Puncture wounds can be extremely scary and are an injury that you want to avoid at all costs. A puncture wound is not always considered a severe or serious wound but in the case of a nail gun inflicted puncture wound, they tend to be more serious. There are some scenarios involving nail guns where

DIY Work Leaves Man With A Nail In His Chest

Since 1991 nail gun accidents have caused related injuries to triple in number. In 1991, there were 4200 injuries related to nail guns, while in 2005, there were 14,800 nail guns accidents. These tools are easily obtained at hardware and department stores across the United States and can be the in the hands of anyone.

What’s The Best Way To Treat Nail Gun Injuries?

Last year, nail gun injuries landed 37,000 people in the emergency room, 25 years ago, this number was only around 4,000. Because there are so many different potential causes for injury, such as an accidental double fire, manufacturer's issues, the nail backfiring off an object and hitting someone, or accidentally pressing the trigger, for example by being bumped

Nail Gun Accidentally Shot In The Crotch Area

Nail gun accidents are widely known to happen on construction sites for a variety of reasons. The most common accidents tend to be in the head, nails, and legs. However, recently, a builder shot himself in the crotch area- and survived. Builder Accidentally Aims For His Crotch  On February 27, Swansea builder Sam Rees accidentally

Faulty Designs And Negligence Leading To Nail Gun Injuries

Nail gun accidents are on the rise. The Center for Disease Control holds nail guns responsible for over 37,000 emergency room visits each year in the United States. Sixty-eight percent of these emergency room visits were from construction workers while the other 32 percent were consumers. Six percent of these visits resulted in an admittance to the

The Dangers Of Malfunctioning Nail Guns

Each day, hundreds of people use a nail gun as either part of their job duties or from personal use for projects around the home. However, the statistics are rising on the number of injuries that occur because of nail gun usage, causing concern with the safety of these high-powered hand tools. While some injuries

Nail Gun Accidents Involving Carpenters

Nail guns are used daily in construction jobs. They improve productivity and efficiency, have replaced hammers and are powerful and easy to handle. However, they also result in thousands of serious injuries annually. Injuries caused by nail guns are not an uncommon occurrence, even when it comes to carpenters using them. Carpenter Near Death Accidents

Dangers Associated With Homeowners Using Nailguns

Nail guns entered the construction world in the 1950s, and this opened the door for homeowners to also purchase high powered nail guns for their personal use. The average nail gun can travel at about 1,400 feet per second. To put this into perspective, skin can be penetrated at a mere 150 feet per second

Nail Gun Injury Treatment Procedures

Nail guns are very efficient in performing construction related tasks. However, nail gun users are more prone to serious occupational risk with potentially lethal outcomes while using them. Popularly known as powered-actuated tools or cartridge compression guns, they were introduced in 1995 for both commercial and residential use in firing nails into wood, steel, and

Nail Gun Accidents Can Cause Serious Brain Injuries

Recent estimates indicate that nail gun injuries are on the rise with results released by the Center for Disease Control indicating a whooping 37000 cases of nail gun injuries reporting to emergency units per year in the USA. While some of these cases are self-inflicted, a majority of these injuries result from faulty or defective