Each day, hundreds of people use a nail gun as either part of their job duties or from personal use for projects around the home. However, the statistics are rising on the number of injuries that occur because of nail gun usage, causing concern with the safety of these high-powered hand tools. While some injuries may be minor, others can be so severe that people are left severely impaired or even die as a result of their injuries. For these reasons, it is important to not only address the dangers of malfunctioning nail guns but also make sure that the numbers for these injuries do not continue to rise.

Malfunctioning Nail Gun Causes Serious Eye InjuriesRed eye injury

One nail gun that has sparked much controversy because of its issues with injuries as a result of it malfunctioning is the Hitachi Coil Nailer. This gun was recalled by both Health Canada and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission after 18 people suffered injuries due to a faulty feeder mechanism. This faulty mechanism occasionally ejected nails sideways rather than forward. As a result, it was a huge danger to not only those who used the gun but also to innocent bystanders who may have been in the path of the nail gun.

In America, 15 people were injured as a result of this defective nail gun. Sadly, the most frequent injury occurred to the eye. Many of the eye related injuries resulted in partial blindness. In total, there were 37 instances reported stating that the nails were being ejected sideways from this particular nail gun. Of the three cases that were reported in Canada, one injury resulted in partial blindness.

The recall affected roughly 65,000 nail guns, 15,000 of them were sold in Canada and 50,000 in the United States. The recall most likely prevented thousands of injuries in the future. Consumers were also urged to refrain from using this gun until the issue was resolved.

Nail Gun Injury Statistics

According to OSHA regarding nail gun safety, not only do nail guns help boost productivity among construction workers, they also cause tens of thousands of injuries every year. In fact, two out of every five residential carpenter apprentices have experienced an injury from a malfunctioning nail gun within a four-year period. These statistics are astounding.

Unfortunately, the sad part is that these are just the number of cases that are actually reported each year. The realization is that many cases go unreported. The risk is even twice as high when using a multi-shot contact trigger nail gun. In addition, many injuries are left unreported because employees are more worried about losing their jobs.

Types of Injuries That Can OccurTechnical issues

There are many types of injuries that can occur as a result of a malfunctioning nail gun. The nail can become dislodged from the gun and puncture a hand or leg. The nail can propel backward and lacerate an eye or become embedded in an eye socket or in the skull. Or the nail can become lodged in the brain causing severe brain damage and even death.

If you have used or a witnessed a nail gun that has malfunctioned while in use, you should report it immediately. Even if an injury has not occurred, it is a good idea to report the suspected malfunction of a nail gun in order to prevent further danger and injury to others.

Contact the manufacturer so that they are aware of the possible malfunction that is occurring in a particular nail gun. Contact a government agency such as the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. If you or someone you know has received an injury as a result of a malfunctioning nail gun, you may be able to receive additional assistance in regards to your injuries.