Verdicts and Settlements In Nail Gun Injury Cases

Below you’ll find a selection of Banville Law’s most recent legal victories in cases involving nail gun accidents. Note that previous results in no way guarantee future outcomes. Each case is unique, with its own specific circumstances and considerations.

$1.26 Million – Permanent Eye Injury From Nail Gun

Client worked in framing houses. Nail gun discharged from casing of nail gun and hit client in eye causing permanent blindness in one eye. Our litigation team successfully negotiated a settlement of $1.26 million.

$1 Million – Faulty Nail Gun Injury

Our client was injured after a defective nail gun discharged a fastener sideways, striking the operator’s eye. We were able to claim $1 million for our client’s damages.

$925,000 – Defective Nail Gun Accident

We will continue to update this page with new results as they occur.