When manufacturers make mistakes, and dangerous equipment enters the market, the public is put in harm’s way. Defective products are without a doubt the greatest threat to consumer safety. And while the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) wields considerable power, wide-scale product recalls can only be issued after defective products enter the homes and workplaces of American citizens.

It’s a perverse reality: tragic accidents are necessary to inform the appropriate governmental agencies of a public safety risk. Thankfully, consumers injured by malfunctioning tools are offered a concrete means of balancing the scales: personal injury lawsuits.

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Defective Nail Guns: Can I Sue The Manufacturer After A Recall?

In many cases, the issuance of a recall does not limit a manufacturer’s liability. Simply admitting that a product is dangerous does not reduce a nail gun company’s responsibility for any injuries that occur.

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By filing a product liability lawsuit, injured victims are able to achieve two necessary things:

  1. You can hold the manufacturer accountable, promoting greater oversight on their end, and protecting future purchasers from similar defects. It’s a public good.
  2. You can receive compensation to cover your necessary medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Although strict statutes of limitation restrict the amount of time victims have to file a lawsuit, they generally begin from the date on which you were injured, rather than when the defective nailer was released.

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We’ve designed this page to serve as a comprehensive resource. You’ll find all the most recent nail gun recalls, as well as information on identifying your own nailer, and guidance on how to move forward. We’ll be updating this page regularly with breaking recalls, so check back often.

Hitachi Koki Coil Nailer NV83A2

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On March 11, 2010, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released a troubling announcement: Japan-based multinational conglomerate Hitachi Koki, a major producer of nail guns, was recalling one of its popular coil nailers. Model NV83A2, manufactured between October 2002 and September 2005, had been installed with a “faulty feeder,” which allowed nails to fire sideways. According to official documents, at least 15 injuries were reported, most of which involved workers’ eyes. Five victims were left partially blind.

To remedy the situation, Hitachi instructed owners to “immediately stop using” the coil nailers and contact the company to receive a free repair.

Is My Nail Gun Affected By The Recall?

Spread across the US and Canada, around 65,000 of the defective pneumatic nailers had been sold to consumers or were sitting on store shelves ready to be purchased.

Own a Hitachi NV83A2? The manufacturer’s recall involves only those products produced between October of 2002 and September of 2005. Check the serial number, which is engraved on the nailer’s handle. The first digit represents month of manufacture:

  • 1 = January
  • 2 = February
  • 3 = March
  • 4 = April
  • 5 = May
  • 6 = June
  • 7 = July
  • 8 = August
  • 9 = September
  • O = October
  • N = November
  • D = December

The second corresponds to year: 2 = 2002, 3 = 2003, and so on.

What Should I Do?

If you were injured while using Hitachi’s NV83A2 coil nailer, you may be entitled to compensation.

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Hitachi Koki Pneumatic Nailers NR83A2(Y) & NR83A3

On June 12, 2014, Hitachi announced another large recall. Approximately 25,300 3¼ inch strip pneumatic nailers in the US and Canada are affected. The nail guns involved in the recall are also distinguished by a depth adjustment feature.

According to the CPSC’s official documentation, models NR83A2(Y) and NR83A3 “can jam and override the safety switch that permits only one nail to fire at a time, posing an injury risk.” In short, the faulty nail guns may actually increase the likelihood of deadly double fire.

Although no injuries have been reported yet, consumers are instructed to stop using the nail guns immediately and contact Hitachi to request a free repair.

Is My Nail Gun Affected By The Recall?

This recall is not restricted to a particular span of time. If you own a Hitachi NR83A2(Y) or NR83A3, it poses a significant injury risk. You can find your nailer’s model number on its attached label and on the box it came in.

Be aware: If your model number is followed by an “R,” it is not included in the recall.

What Should I Do?

Were you injured while using a Hitachi nail gun? Contact the personal injury lawyers at Banville Law to learn if you can pursue legal action. Victims may be entitled to significant compensation. Call 877-752-0980 or complete our contact form for a free consultation.

Ridgid Coil Roofing Nailers & Clipped Head Framing Nailers

On December 6, 2012, One World Technologies, a major American distributor of Ridgid brand power tools, announced a large recall of nailers. Both coil roofing nailers and clipped head framing nailers are involved, and all models included were sold exclusively at the Home Depot.

According to a release from the CPSC, “the trigger assembly on the nailers can malfunction and involuntarily discharge a fastener, posing a laceration or injury hazard to consumers.”

Is My Nail Gun Affected By The Recall?

The recall affects around 8,400 coil roofing nail guns and 4,400 framing nailers. The roofing nailer is model R175RNE; the framer is R35EOCHE. You can find out if your Ridgid nail gun is involved in the recall by checking its serial number. Both your model and serial number will be on a sticker fixed to the gun’s nail tray. If your

  • coil roofer’s serial number is between ER114600001 and ER1217008424 or;
  • framing nailer’s number is between ER114600001 and ER1215004424

it has been recalled. Stop using the gun immediately and contact One World Technologies immediately to request a free replacement.

Be aware: If your nailer’s packaging has a blue dot on it, it’s not in the recall.

What Should I Do?

If you were injured by a defective Ridgid nail gun, contact the personal injury attorneys at Banville Law today. You may be entitled to compensation. Call 877-752-0980 or fill out our contact form.

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