Whether you’re currently suffering from a nail gun injury, or trying to prevent one on your own work site, the personal injury lawyers at Banville Law are committed to providing the information you need.

Nail Gun Injury Lawyer Resources

We’ve helped many workers just like you rebuild a solid foundation for the future, through experienced legal guidance and compassionate counsel. Use these resources as a starting point, and learn everything you should about nail guns, their uses, and their dangers.

What Are The Types Of Nail Guns?

As nail guns have become increasingly popular, dominating both the construction industry and becoming the tool of choice for DIY home renovators, new innovations continue to change the way we work. But multiple power options, along with specialized tools for particular tasks, have made the job of choosing the correct nail gun more difficult.

Visit our FAQ here to learn more about the different kinds of nailers.

What’s The Difference Between Contact & Sequential Trip Triggers?

Knowing which nail gun to use is important, but a different consideration weighs above all others. At least where safety is concerned, your choice of trigger is crucial. Contact trip, full sequential, single-shot? What does it all mean, how do they work, and which can nearly eliminate the possibility of deadly double fire?

Find out in our FAQ on the differences between contact and sequential triggers here.

Nail Gun Safety

Using OSHA’s proven guidelines, along with expert-driven case studies, we’ve developed our own nail gun safety guide. Check out the FAQ here to find out how to reduce the risk of accidents in your workplace.

What Are Common Injuries In Nail Gun Accidents?

Nail gun injuries come in many forms: from simple scratches and light abrasions to debilitating puncture wounds and eye injuries. Find research-based comparisons of the most common, along with why they happen, and how to recover in our FAQ here.

Can I Sue For A Nail Gun Accident?

Although many accidents seem unavoidable, injured workers are often the victims of negligence. When coworkers and sub-contractors fail to use proper care in executing their duties, and others get hurt, injured parties may be entitled to compensation.

When faulty nail gun designs are put on the market, construction professionals and consumers are placed directly in harm’s way. And while recalls can pull these dangerous products off the shelves, many defective nail guns have already made their way into our hands. Victims of nailer malfunction accidents may also be entitled to compensation, this time from the manufacturers themselves.

Personal injury lawsuits allow victims to pursue valuable settlements and court verdicts, money that can cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, and ongoing disability. Find out if you may have a case in our FAQ here.

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