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All too often, corporate interests overshadow public safety. Failed safety tests are ignored, or actively concealed. In the name of profit, defective equipment finds its way onto the market, and into the hands of hard-working men and women. When injuries occur, many victims are left without a defender, and little hope of securing justice against powerful multi-national conglomerates.

Banville Law offers a solution. Our team of experienced product liability attorneys is prepared to fight for your rights, rights that were so blatantly disregarded. We have dedicated ourselves to representing all consumers, whether professional contractors or not. As part of our commitment, we offer legal counsel on a contingency-fee basis: you won’t pay anything until we win your case.

Nail Gun Accident Attorneys

Nail guns, or nailers, have been an essential, and ubiquitous, tool on America’s construction sites for the last 50 years. But as technology has evolved, becoming both more powerful and more affordable, nailers have made their way into the hands of non-professional consumers as well. These tools now help speed projects along on the job and in the home across the country.

Nail guns also pose a significant threat. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, nailers are “responsible for an estimated 37,000 emergency room visits each year.” Common injuries range from mild cuts to devastating puncture wounds, which can leave operators permanently disabled, without the use of hands or fingers forever.

Learn more about the tragic effects of nail gun accidents here.

Nail Gun Negligence On Construction Sites

Despite their potentially devastating safety risks, nail guns have been left relatively unregulated by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). Training of new workers is “suggested,” but not required. In fact, OSHA has only instituted explicit regulations for one industry: ship repairing and building. Even there, OSHA’s restrictions are limited to the operation of powder-actuated fastening tools, leaving other types of nail guns unregulated.

Within this environment of lax, or nonexistent, regulation, the responsibility of protecting injured workers falls upon personal injury lawyers. If you suffered injury in a nail gun accident, contact the attorneys at Banville Law today. You’ll speak with an experienced lawyer within 24 hours. After you explain your case, we’ll describe your legal options in clear, everyday language.

Defective Or Malfunctioning Nail Guns

When fatal defects become apparent, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission issues a product recall, pulling malfunctioning tools off the market completely. But in many cases, the damage has already been done. Every year, millions of Americans are harmed by defective products. Nail guns are already inherently dangerous, and a serious defect only makes them more so.

2014 has already seen at least one wide-scale nail gun recall: Hitachi’s popular 3-1/4 inch strip pneumatic nailer. These nail guns can jam, overriding their safety switch, and drive multiple nails unexpectedly in one actuation. In some cases, they have even shot nails sideways, causing paralyzing eye injuries.

Find more information about nail gun recalls here.

Nail gun manufacturers can be held responsible for putting dangerous products on the market. Were you harmed by a malfunctioning nailer? Call the product liability lawyers at Banville Law now for a free consultation.

Contact A Nail Gun Injury Attorney

If you were injured in a nail gun accident, a personal injury lawsuit may be your best option. Victims of negligence are allowed to pursue significant compensation, money that can cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and the long-term costs of disability.

Contact Banville Law today to learn more about your legal options. Call 877-752-0980 or complete our online contact form here.

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