Nail Gun Safety

Safety Precautions To Take With A Nail Gun Trigger

Due to its capability to save hours during a work day, a nail gun is a common tool in the roofing world. While it is an important device, it is as well unbelievably hazardous if not handled properly. Wrong nail gun usage is liable for many injuries every year. Moreover, over half of these reported

The Dangers And Uses Of A Construction Stapler

A construction stapler is used very frequently in various types of construction work. Even if you are not familiar with the construction version of this tool you definitely have seen a regular stapler before. (The kind that sits on your desk to bind all your papers together, right?) A construction stapler is a lot larger,

Freak Accident Leads To A Man Shooting A Nail Gun In His Skull

We hear a lot about nail gun accidents here in the United States however, these accidents are not unique to us only. The community of Brunswick, near Whanganui, New Zealand was in shock recently when a freak accident left a man with a nail embedded three and a half inches into his head. The unnamed

Best Practices For Safe Nail Gun Maintenance In The Winter Time

Pneumatic nail guns have revolutionized the construction and DIY building industries, but they require careful maintenance to function correctly and safely. Don't neglect the following steps for maintenance, especially in the winter months when low temperatures and moisture can wreak havoc with pneumatic tools. Accidents Do Happen In a recent discussion about nail gun safety,

The Difference Between Nailgun Contact And Sequential Trip

Nail guns are simple-to-use but nonetheless powerful tools. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that they see plenty of use whenever and wherever nailing is needed.  This, in turn, means that nailgun accidents are much more common than people would like them to be. In fact, the CDC claims that

Tips To Avoid Destroying Your Pneumatic Nailer

A Pneumatic nailer is an expensive investment. It is, therefore crucial to take proper care of one. Taking good care of it ensures you get quality service and you use it for a longer period without having to purchase another. Take a look at these tips that will prolong the life of your pneumatic nailer.

Nail Gun Safety Tips When Installing A Roof

When you work in the construction industry, nail guns are a part of your everyday life. Not only can a nail gun help boost productivity, but it can make your job simpler. However, nail guns are also extremely dangerous and could end up causing a severe injury. Nail Gun Roofing Safety Tips As many as

10 Best DIY Nail Gun Projects

The use of nail guns is becoming increasingly popular these days especially in do it yourself projects that are gaining more popularity as well. Along with the popularity of DIY projects, also comes the risk of having a nail gun accident occur. While there are a lot of projects that you can do on your

Keeping Your Nail Gun Properly Lubricated Increases Safe Usage

In today's fast-paced world, we want to get everything done quickly. That, of course, includes both personal and business-related construction jobs. The nail gun has all but replaced the traditional hammer in numerous areas for construction. While the nail gun has made projects much quicker to complete, there is the important factor of safety to

Using A Trim Nailer Gun

Pneumatic nailers are designed to perform much of the work of driving nails for you thus, saving you time and making your job quite easy. It requires only a single trigger pull for the nail to set flush below the working surface. Nailers offer you a one-handed operation, which allows your other hand to position