The use of nail guns is becoming increasingly popular these days especially in do it yourself projects that are gaining more popularity as well. Along with the popularity of DIY projects, also comes the risk of having a nail gun accident occur.

While there are a lot of projects that you can do on your own using nail guns it’s important to try to use them safely while you’re getting your project completed.  It’s also important to make sure that you are using the proper nail gun. What many don’t know is that depending on the project that you are working on you need a particular gun. So, here are the top ten projects that you can do yourself and the nail gun that you should be using.

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Ten Projects To Do With Your Nail Gun

1. Building A Deck 

When you are building a deck onto your home it is best to use a framing nailer. Round head framing nailers are the best suited for this type of project. One of the best framing nailers that you can find is the Paslode 902600. What makes this the best is that it only weighs 7.5 pounds. It has special features that include:

  •  A quick charge option
  • You can adjust the depth
  • It comes with a rafter or belt hook so you can securely store your nail gun

2. Installing Cabinets 

Cabinets are a great addition that you can put in various places in your home. There are various areas of the home that you can put cabinets in, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or even your basement. The best nail gun that you can use to put in cabinets is the finish nailer.

A finish nailer uses high-gauge nails and will surely get the job done when you are putting in cabinets. The best finish nailer that you will be able to find is the Hitachi NT65MA4. It is an angled finish nailer and is a great choice because it is easy to maneuver and use. Some of the good features include:

  • A 100 nail capacity
  • It’s angled which is great to get into tight spaces
  • It has several firing options which are adjustable and easy to choose
  • There is depth adjustment
  • There is an air duster that is in it as well allowing you to easily clean your workspaces

3. Installing Hardwood Floors

In the past few years, hardwood floors have begun to be a popular asset to homes. If you are looking to bring more style and grace to your home, installing hardwood floors is a great option. When you are installing hardwood flooring into your home the best nail gun that you can use is the flooring nailer.

This nail gun will allow you to get the job done quickly and more effectively. There are two nail gun options, there’s manual or pneumatic. Most people choose the pneumatic nail gun; it utilizes air pressure to get the job done and that allows you to work a lot quicker. The best nail gun option for a job like this is the LSN3 LOTOS. It gives you two tools in one- the nail gun and a stapler gun. There are many great things that make this a great option such as:

  • It only weighs 11.5 pounds
  • It has an extra-wide non-marring base plate
  • It’s extremely stable
  • It’s guaranteed to last

4. Applying Shingles 

If you want an exterior upgrade adding shingles to your roof is a great option. In order for you to add shingles to your home, you will need to use a roofing nailer. The best roofing nailer you can get for a roof shingles project is the Bostitch RN46. It’s a lightweight nail gun and has a magazine that holds 120 nails at a time. Some of the special features of this nail gun are:

  • A single action side loading canister
  • Bump and sequential firing options
  • There’s a gauge that is in the gun for spacing shingles; this way you don’t have to have other tools to do this
  • It is a zero nail lockout nail gun, this prevents the possibility of the nail gun dry-firing

5. Building Bookshelves

Bookshelves give a great look to the home and they always seem to draw attention to a room. If you are looking for a great project that you can do yourself that will add a point of class and elegance to a room, putting in bookshelves is a great option for you. The best nail gun for this project is the finish nailer and again, the best finish nailer there is would be the Hitachi NT65MA4.

6. Installing Hardwood Moldings

Moldings in your home give an added emphasis look that makes things look that much better. You can add in hardwood moldings with ease and it will make a world of difference. The best nail gun for hardwood moldings is a finishing nailer. A good choice is the Hitachi NT65MA4.

7. Building Furniture

It’s always nice to buy furniture, but when you can build your own furniture there’s a little more pride that goes into it. The best nail gun that you can get to build furniture is the pin nailer. The best pin nailer you can buy to build furniture is the Hitachi NP35A. The special features of this nail gun are:

  • Adjustable depth functions
  • It has a visual reload indicator
  • Jam clearing
  • Rear exhaust
  • There’s a housing protector
  • It has dual-trigger options

8. Putting In Crown Moldings

Crown moldings within your home are a great option for you to do yourself. The best nail gun for you to use to do this project is the finish nailer. As stated before, the best finish nailer there is is the Hitachi NT65MA4.

9. Putting Baseboards 

Baseboards may seem simple to some people, but they are a great job that you can do on your own. The nail gun that you need to use to do this project is the finish nailer.

10. Door Casing

When you’re doing a door casing project you will need a side nailer. Side nailers are generally used to put siding on a house, but they can also be used for attaching thin pieces of wood or materials that aren’t wood to a wooden surface. The best side nailer for this type of project would be the Makita AN611. The special features on this nail gun are:

  • It has a 360-degree exhaust system
  • Easy loading
  • You can adjust the size of the canister
  • It has a filtering system that allows the gun to self-clean

With any project that you are doing yourself, make sure you are careful and take extra care when using your nail gun.