Nail gun injuries constantly occur, affecting people who use them. It is important to learn the safety features used to reduce nail gun injuries. Learning the differences between lightweight spectacles and impact absorbing nail gun goggles is a simple thing to understand and avoid injuries. This information will be of vital importance to nail gun users, to protect themselves from nail gun related injuries.

Lack Of Goggles Nail Gun Injury Goes Unnoticed

The scary, unbelievable and astonishing report of how Dante Autollo had a nail stuck in his brain and he did not realize it for close to a day has recently made the headlines. The nail, an astonishing 3.5 inch in length, penetrated his skull and straight into his brain matter. Although the details of how this scenario took place are scanty, it all goes down to poor safety techniques applied by Dante, or the nail gun might have been faulty. This raises an alarm on measures put by people using nail gun injuries to cut down on the number of injuries associated with the use of nail gun injuries.

If the reports by Center For Diseases are to be used as a guiding tool, there is a rise in cases of injuries related to using the nail gun. The report states that an estimated 37,000 people in the United States suffer nail gun related injuries annually. This rise in injuries can be directly linked to the laxity of the people using nail guns to use protective gear. To reduce the risk of the occurrence of such injuries, proper and procedural use of safety features should be applied

One of the recognizable injuries associated with brain injuries include injuries to the eyes. This has resulted from the laxity of the persons using the nail guns to use protective goggles or use of ineffective goggles.

Lightweight Spectacles Mistakenly Used As A Safety Precaution

Light weight spectacles are quite comfortable to wear, and can be mistaken as a protective goggles while using a nail gun. However, the use of lightweight spectacles to cover your face and, in particular, your eyes when handling a nail gun has some limitations. Such disadvantages include:

  • They are not fully effective in reducing the impact of the force impacted by the shooting nail from the nail gun.
  •  The impact of the nail can easily break the barrier of the goggles and penetrate into the eye of the person handling the nail gun.
  • The strength of the lightweight goggles is limited, and handling of a stray nail from a nail gun is increasingly limited.
  • They can easily break, making them not durable.

The above points are grilling dangers that point out just how ineffective the lightweight spectacles are, especially when used with the aim of cutting down the risks associated with the use of nail guns.

Using Impact Absorbing Nail Gun Goggles

A reprieve for nail gun users comes in the form of the amazing and spectacularly designed impact absorbing nail
gun goggles
. They have been designed to reduce the risks of injuries associated with the use of nail gun injuries.

The impact absorbing nail gun goggles have many advantages over the use of lightweight spectacles, and they include:

  •  Being durable- these goggles have been designed to last for a longer period.
  •  They are effective- they are able to withstand the impact of the nail from the nail gun, with an ability to withstand the massive force of the nails.
  • They are strong- such an incredible feature of these goggles that enables them to have the strength to withstand stress and strain.

Nail gun handlers should with no doubt upgrade to the use of impact-absorbing nail gun goggles from the lightweight spectacles, to protect themselves from the risks associated with nail gun injuries.