Whether you are working on your own home or doing construction work, preventing accidents should always be one of your priorities. The first place to start when it comes to job site safety is getting the right equipment for each task. When you use inferior quality equipment to get a job done, you are creating a construction accident waiting to happen. This is especially true when talking about the nail gun and its many uses.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are approximately 37,000 emergency room visits attributed to
nail guns every year. Of those accidents, 32 percent involve homeowners doing do-it-yourself projects. That means that when it comes to construction work, concentrating on work safety is everyone’s concern. A good way to reduce the chances of a nail gun injury is to invest in a quality gun that offers good features. Let’s take a look at six of the best cordless nail guns on the market, to give you an idea as to what type of equipment you should buy.

6 Quality Nail Guns To Choose From

1. Senco F-15

Senco is known for its quality nail guns, and the F-15 is considered to be the best cordless nail gun on the market. The F-15 was able to deliver consistent nail driving power into just about any material, which is critical when it comes to work safety. Senco also has mechanisms in place in the F-15 that help prevent the kind of double shots that create many of the nail gun accidents seen every day.

2. Paslode 901000

This Old House likes the Paslode 901000 because of how easy it is for do-it-yourself homeowners to use safely. Paslode has made sure that the 901000 is balanced in the hands of the user, which gives more control and cuts down on work safety issues. Any professional or homeowner would be able to use the 901000 with equal effectiveness.

3. Dewalt DC608K

Dewalt is known throughout the construction industry for its reliable and durable equipment. With the DC608K nail gun, Dewalt offers a unit that is comfortable to use and designed for maximum safety. The adjustable drive depth means that the user gets to choose how much power the DC608K expends, which helps the user to maintain control.

4. Ryobi P320

The Woodworkers Guild of America tested several cordless nail guns and found the Ryobi P320 to be the best. The P320 offers complete control when you are in individual and sequential nailing modes, and it also has a larger nail clip that allows you to do more work without having to reload.

5. Hitachi NT50GS

The Hitachi NT50GS can drive up to 2,000 two-inch nails per battery charge with incredible precision. If you do projects that require you to get precise results on sculpted woodwork, then the NT50GS can get the job done.

6. Bostitch GBT1850K

The Bostitch GBT1850K has a reputation for driving nails into hard surfaces without jamming, and without allowing the nails to fragment into pieces. Its rugged design make it ideal for indoor and outdoor jobs as well.

A good cordless nail gun can mean the difference between getting the job done, or spending time in the emergency room. By investing in one of the better cordless nail guns on the market, you are helping to advance work safety and prevent construction accidents.