We all love machines that make our lives easier. Such machines include nail guns, with their invention playing a significant role in easing accurate, fast and convenient nailing, compared to the hammering process. However, nail guns continue to impose injuries on the users. The concern is, are you going to sue for injuries? Who are you going to sue? Are you suing for work related poor working conditions or nail gun manufacturers negligence? Those are the concerns that will lead you to professional attorneys, capable of determining the cause of the accident and what sort of legal action you can take.

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Commonly Reported Nail Gun Accidents

Whether you are a professional or any other individual using a nail gun, an accident can catch up with you. The common causes of nail gun accidents include a blowout, double fire, misses, as well as hitting the safety contact. Here are the areas that sustain the most injuries from nail gun related accidents.

1. Head, spinal cord and neck

Nail gun tools do fall from a higher ground and causing injures to someone who is close by. In the event that the nail pierces the head, neck or back and penetrates- it causes bleeding and damage to body organs. The head nail gun accident may cause brain damage, blindness and even death. It’s reported that two out of five carpenters get involved in type of accident in the first four years of training.

2. Hands and fingers

Many carpenters get injuries on their hands and fingers during the nailing on of wood and in any other place that they need to nail. On average 50% of cases brought into the emergency room as a result of a nail gun injury are hand and finger injuries. Nail gun injuries that occur on hands and fingers can cause damage to the tendons and bone structures.

3. Foot and toes

When a person accidentally steps on a nail and gets pierced,, the nail can get embedded. The nail penetration into the skin affects the body tissues and in cases where the nail reaches to a blood vessel it may cause infections resulting in poor health conditions.

4. Knees and thighs

On a construction site or at home where people are busy carrying out their tasks, some work on the roof and most of time they claw. The workers may get injuries when they are clawing resulting in damage to tissues and wounds that are prone to infections.

5.  Chest

While working on construction sites, it has been reported that workers can suffer from a chest injury due to a nail gun. When a nail injury occurs on the chest, an individual suffers from circulatory system problem. The nail may have gone through to the blood vessels causing cardiovascular complications  that cause heart related conditions.

Understand Who Is Responsible For The Injuries

37,000 cases due to nail gun injuries yearly are reported. Due to the increase of nail gun accidents and injuries workers, and manufacturers are requested to take caution so as to prevent the occurrence of incidents. In some cases it is advisable to seek legal help with regard to your injuries.It is important to know whether the injury was due to the negligence of the contractor or nail gun tool manufacturer.