Nail Injuries

Getting Proactive About Nail Gun Injuries

If you work in construction in New York City then you are well aware of the terror that a nail gun can inflict during an accident and the resulting loss in wages and real injury potential. These once-thought of as effective and safe tools to enhance the production capacity of construction workers are now causing

5 Most Reported Nail Gun Accidents

We all love machines that make our lives easier. Such machines include nail guns, with their invention playing a significant role in easing accurate, fast and convenient nailing, compared to the hammering process. However, nail guns continue to impose injuries on the users. The concern is, are you going to sue for injuries? Who are

Nail Gun Accident Statistics

Once the province solely of construction workers, nail guns have now become a mainstay in the toolkit of many amateur consumers as well. It's no secret that nailers increase productivity. The average pneumatic nail gun fires fasteners at a rate of 140 feet per second, far faster than even the most experienced contractor can nail

Can I Sue A Coworker After A Nail Gun Accident?

In most states, workers compensation programs limit an employee's ability to sue an employer for injuries. This restriction applies even to accidents directly caused by a boss or manager's negligence, their explicit failure to take proper care. By reducing the risk of personal injury lawsuits, workers comp effectively saves employer's money, which they are required to spend

How To Treat A Nail Puncture Wound

According to researchers at the University of Minnesota, almost 90% of all work-related nail gun accidents result in puncture wounds. These injuries occur mainly in fingers and hands, but being hit in the foot or thigh isn't uncommon either. Away from the jobsite, nail puncture wounds are common, too. We've all heard stories of kids running