Nail Gun Safety

Choosing The Right Air Compressor For Your Project

An air compressor is a vital piece of machinery in all do-it-yourself projects. It is an arsenal that no DIY technician or crafts person should ever miss. A compressor greatly saves you time because pneumatic tools have the capability to undertake activities such as hammering, nailing, spraying, and sanding in a fraction of the time

Construction Stapler Uses And Dangers

If you have ever watched construction work being done you've probably seen a construction stapler (even though you might not have known what it was). Now you've definitely seen a regular stapler before. (The kind that sits on your desk to bind all your papers together, right?) A construction stapler is a lot larger, but

Nail Gun Safety Starts With Choosing The Right Nail Gun

Nail guns can make construction projects easier, but you also need to be concerned with nail gun safety. The Centers for Disease Control estimate that 32 percent of nail gun accidents that wind up in the emergency room are from consumers and "do-it-yourselfers". When you are choosing a nail gun, it is important to make

Quality Cordless Nail Guns To Help Get The Job Done

Whether you are working on your own home or doing construction work, preventing accidents should always be one of your priorities. The first place to start when it comes to job site safety is getting the right equipment for each task. When you use inferior quality equipment to get a job done, you are creating

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Reasons To Use Nail Gun Goggles To Reduce Injuries

Nail gun injuries constantly occur, affecting people who use them. It is important to learn the safety features used to reduce nail gun injuries. Learning the differences between lightweight spectacles and impact absorbing nail gun goggles is a simple thing to understand and avoid injuries. This information will be of vital importance to nail gun

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Nail Gun Triggers And Overall Safety Precautions To Take

Due to its capability to save hours during a work day, the nail gun is a common tool in the roofing world. While it is an important device, it is as well unbelievably hazardous if not handled properly. Wrong nail gun usage is liable for many injuries every year. Moreover, over half of these reported

Getting Proactive About Nail Gun Injuries

If you work in construction in New York City then you are well aware of the terror that a nail gun can inflict during an accident and the resulting loss in wages and real injury potential. These once-thought of as effective and safe tools to enhance the production capacity of construction workers are now causing

Pneumatic Nail Gun Safety Tips

Nailers are now used on almost every jobsite, and in many private residences as well. According to the Centers for Disease Control, almost 30,000 construction workers are seriously injured in nail gun accidents every year. And tragically, those numbers have been steadily rising over the past decade. While efficiency has made nail guns commonplace on