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Since their invention in 1950, nail guns have become the tool of choice for many construction workers. One recent estimate found that the average American home, which is about 2,700 square feet, requires between 50,000 to 70,000 nails, or almost 26 nails per square foot. Rather than manually hammering each nail into place, fastening jobs can be expedited with the use of pneumatic, powder-actuated, combustion-powered, electric, or solenoid nailers.

Even the first nail guns were able to hold up to 600 nails at a time, and fire up to 60 in a minute. In addition to speed and efficiency, most nail guns leave one hand free, allowing builders to better stabilize a nailing surface. In many ways, the widespread availability of professional-grade nail guns has been a blessing for a construction industry increasingly preoccupied with speedy project completion.

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Nail Gun Accidents In America

While it may seem obvious, nail guns are extremely dangerous. According to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 37,000 people visit American emergency rooms every year after nail gun accidents. And while most of us associate nailers with professional worksites, almost 40% of these nail gun accident victims are actually consumers, do-it-yourself carpenters working at home.

The risk of nailer injury is highest among workers, particularly residential carpenters, who specialize in wood frame construction. A 2003 study published in the journal Injury Prevention found that nail guns caused up to 14% of all non-fatal injuries among American carpenters. Another study, reported by the Department of Health & Human Services, estimated that “2 out of 5 residential carpenter apprentices experienced a nail gun injury over a four-year period.” Not the best way to start your career.

Many nailer-related injuries are caused by mistakes on the part of workers and consumers themselves. But some, as evidenced by recent nail gun recalls, are the result of defective or faulty nailers. This fact has left many injured nail gun users wondering if they can hold the manufacturers accountable. The answer, as enshrined in America’s long history of product liability law, is yes.

In many cases, injured workers and consumers are entitled to compensation from negligent nail gun manufacturers.

Preventing Nail Gun Accidents & Injuries

As with all dangerous tools, adequate training is a must for any nail gun user. And while the Occupational Safety & Health Administration “suggests” training employees in the proper use of nailers, training guidelines are not publicly available, and there has never been a mandated preventative education course.

Visit our own “Nail Gun Safety” guide here to learn more.

Beyond adequate training, certain nail guns have been proven safer than others. Sequential trigger nail guns offer a better alternative to the industry-standard contact trip nailers. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, “the risk of a nail gun injury is twice as high when using a multi-shot contact trigger as when using a single-shot sequential trigger nailer.” Contractors and project managers argue that sequential trigger nail guns take too much time, expanding budgets and forcing the ultimate cost of construction sky-high. But placed beside the fact that widespread use of sequential triggers could cut work-place injuries in half, this seems like the wrong place to argue over profit.

Find more information in our FAQ, “What’s The Difference Between Contact & Sequential Trigger?

The benefits of safe nailers are clear, but our government has been unwilling to restrict contractors’ discretion on this point. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, which issues recalls and regulates the use of consumer products, has also failed to act.

Can I Sue After A Nail Gun Accident?

Were you injured in a nail gun accident? The personal injury lawyers at Banville Law are currently offering free consultations to injury victims. Our nail gun accident attorneys have successfully handled cases involving both negligent nail gun manufacturers and negligent sub-contractors. You can find a sample of our recent nail gun lawsuit settlements and verdicts here.

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Latest Nailgun Accident Updates

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This news section covers all nail gun accident news in the United States

September 27, 2017- New Zealand Man Lucky To Be Alive After Skull Nail Gun Accident

A New Zealand man believed to be in his 60s, is extremely lucky to be alive after he accidentally shot himself in the head with a nail gun. The man shot a 90mm nail into his head while he was working on a bench at his home. A rescue person stated that he was nailing a piece of wood and the gun somehow misfired and shot through the wood and straight into his head. The nail was described as having been fully embedded in his skull. Despite this shot to the head, the man was still able to call for help. He was first treated by an ambulance crew and then airlifted to a Wellington Hospital by a rescue helicopter.

August 17, 2017- Man Accidentally Shoots A Nail Through His Chest

A man from Wisconsin suffered an almost fatal nail gun accident after he shot a nail through his chest and into his heart. As if that was not bad enough, he proceeded to drive himself to the ER. He had to have open heart surgery to remove the 31/2-inch nail. The accident happened as the man was holding the nail gun on the other side of a piece of lumber while aiming for a spot he was not able to reach. To make matters worse, he dropped the nail gun and it fired toward him. Doctors later told the man that the nail pierced his heart right next to a major artery. Needless to say, he is lucky to be alive with no permanent damage.

July 28, 2017- Nail Gun Accident Causes Confusion At A Construction Site

An ambulance responded to a call about gunshot wounds at a house construction site in Ridge Meadows. The call led to a few police cars converging on the area thinking it was a gun related incident. However, police later confirmed that the gunshot wounds were actually nail gun injuries from a nail gun used for framing houses. The ambulance took the man away with unknown injuries.

June 8, 2017- 12-Year-Old Boy Sustains A Head Injury From Nail Gun Injury

A 12-year-old boy suffered an injury above the eye after his father  accidentally shot him in the head with a nail gun. Firefighters responded to a call of a boy with a head injury from a three-inch nail. The boy was on the roof of a house when firefighters responded to the call and was brought down to paramedics waiting for him. According to the boy’s mother, the accident happened while the boy was holding a board that needed to be nailed when the nail went through the board and struck him above his eye, close to the bridge of his nose.

May 26, 2017- New Jersey Carpenter Awarded $2M For Injuries To His Eye

A 37-year-old New Jersey man was awarded $2 million dollars by an Essex County New Jersey jury for his claim that a serious eye injury occurred when a nail gun misfired. The nail gun injury happened when the gun misfired on a residential framing job. He was left “industrially blind” in one eye. He underwent surgery for a lacerated cornea and he now experiences extremely blurry vision and impaired depth perception. The worker blamed the construction company for this accident because they did not instruct employees to wear safety goggles when working with tools on the site.

April 24, 2017- Homebuilder Shoots Himself In The Head With Nail Gun

An experienced homebuilder is a lucky to be alive after a nail from a nail gun ricocheted and went right into his head. The man was framing a closet with his friend when things went very wrong. While using a pneumatic nail gun above his head, the homebuilder assumes he hit a nail that was already in the wood when the gun kicked back into his face and ended up driving the next nail two inches deep into his skull. He was not even aware that he had a nail in his eye until he got to the hospital. He was rushed to surgery and doctors surgically removed the nail from the front of his skull.

March 23, 2017- Builder Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Crotch With Hydraulic Nail Gun

A builder was extremely lucky after he accidentally shot himself in the crotch while using a hydraulic nail gun. He is lucky to be alive after he mistimed firing the gun which resulted in a three and a half inch-long nail piercing his groin. The nail was inches away from a major artery and also very close to his penis. The 22-year-old worker was rushed to the hospital and required minor surgery to remove the nail. The nail was embedded nearly three inches into his body.

November 30, 2016- Student Involved In A Nail Gun Accident

A student who was using a nail gun in an art class injured his finger while using the gun. Emergency responders were called to Missouri Western Sate University after reports came in about an accident involving a student and a nail gun. The incident is being treated as an accident and there was no further information about the severity of the student’s injury.

October 28, 2016- Yale Study Finds Victims Can Survive Severe Penetration Wounds To The Head

A Yale study revealed that victims of severe penetration wounds such as gunshots have a 42 percent chance of survival. In addition to gunshot wounds, researchers also looked at data from other penetrating head wounds, like nail gun accidents and stabbings.The study looked at over 400 patients at two trauma centers, one urban and one rural.

September 27, 2016- Builder Impales His Foot On A Nail

A builder was recently taken to hospital after he impaled his foot on a nail while he was working on a house roof. A fire station crew was sent to the scene of the accident where the crew manager reported that they found the builder on a flat roof. The builder had set off a nail gun which had gone through his foot and into a piece of wood. The crew had to figure out a way to get the builder off the roof and ended up requesting the use of an aerial ladder platform.

August 31, 2016- Man Shot Several Times With Nail Gun In Harwich

In Harwich, a man was shot several times with a nail gun. The man was shot in the head and at least once in the arm. He was transported to Barnstable Municipal Airport by rescuers and flown to Rhode Island Hospital in Providence. It is believed the man was using the nail gun himself and it is not thought of as an accident but foul play is not suspected either. An investigation is underway by the police.

June 30, 2016- Man Charged With First Degree Assault For Nail Gun Shooting

A Creswell man has been charged with first-degree assault after he was accused of firing nine nails into a Eugene woman’s head. The man alleges that he did this because the woman asked him to kill her, but the incident ended as a botched homicide-suicide attempt. The man used a compressed-air nail gun to shoot three-inch nails into the woman’s back. The woman’s condition is not known.

May 31, 2016- UK Firm Fined After A Worker Nail Gun Eye Accident Occurred

In England, a Northampton firm has been fined after their employee was injured when he was hit in the eye by a shard of metal. The shard of metal came from his colleague who was using a nail gun to fasten a piece of timber to a steel lintel. The eye-protection the worker was wearing was not appropriate for use with nail guns.

April 27, 2016- New Zealand Man Rescued By Helicopter After Firing Nail Gun Into His Hand

In Auckland, New Zealand, a man had to be rescued by a helicopter after he fired a nail gun into his hand. The accident took place when the man was loading his nail gun and the gun fired into his hand. He was flown to a hospital and according to authorities, he had minor injuries and was in a stable condition.

March 29, 2016- Man Accidentally Shoots Himself In Chest With Nail Gun

In Simsbury, a construction worker accidentally shot himself in the chest with a nail gun and was taken to the hospital. According to the police, the man was conscious after the accident took place and was taken to St. Francis Hospital to treat his injuries. The incident is being investigated by OSHA.

February 26, 2016- Highway Worker Accused Of Firing Nail Gun At Coworker

A Putnam County, New York, highway worker was recently arrested for allegedly shooting a nail gun at his coworker. Fortunately, no one was injured in this incident, however, the nail gun shooter is facing charges of menacing and reckless endangerment. What led to this nail gun shooting was an argument the two men got into over a ladder at a construction site.One of the 3-inch nails fired almost hit the coworker in the head.

January 28, 2016- Chicago Man Shoots Two Nails Into His Knee

On January 27th, a Chicago man accidentally shot two nails into his knee and narrowly missed his bones. This unfortunate accident took place on the man’s second day of carpentry. He was taken to Swedish Covenant Hospital where he underwent 11 hours of surgery and the nails were removed. He is considered very fortunate because he narrowly missed a life-threatening injury.

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